Eiffel Tower

A unique electro show at the Eiffel Tower with Michael Canitrot to mark the centenary of Gustave Eiffel's death.

To mark the centenary of Gustave Eiffel's death, the Eiffel Tower invited artist Michael Canitrot and his "Monumental Tour" concept for an exceptional collaboration, offering a rediscovery of the monument through a unique fusion of heritage, electronic music, light shows and artistic performances. On December 27, 2023, the anniversary of Gustave Eiffel's death, this audio-visual concert was broadcast on television and social networks. More than 10 million people around the world enjoyed the show.

For this show, Michael Canitrot presented an artistic performance in the heart of the Iron Lady: a spellbinding DJ set oscillating between melodic techno and progressive house, accompanied by a 360° light and laser installation, with the participation of several guest artists such as the "Spectre" choir, mezzo-soprano singer Yana Mann, contemporary dancer Ablaye Diop, and pianist Yann Dulché, fusing electro beats and classical notes.

Award-winning actor Philippe Torreton also lent his voice to Gustave Eiffel, offering a moving interpretation to guide spectators on this sonic and visual journey. An original creation that puts the monument in a new light, while paying tribute to Gustave Eiffel's audacity and creative genius, and to the dreams of universalism carried by the most famous of towers.

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