Mont Saint-Michel

The Monumental Tour at the top of Mont-Saint-Michel.

After a show at the Castle of Vincennes accumulating nearly 1 million views on various platforms, or a sublime set at the Whale lighthouse, the DJ / Producer Michael Canitrot, initiator of the Monumental Tour project, proposed to the public a new exceptional appointment in the heart of the wonder of the West, an experience mixing electronic music, heritage and lighting, in partnership with the Centre des Monuments Nationaux and the Crédit Mutuel.

On this occasion an exceptional collaboration between the Monumental Tour and ESA, the European Space Agency, was also presented. Photos and videos taken from space were reinterpreted and projected to enhance the thousand-year-old architecture of the Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel. The artists Michael Canitrot (music) and Jeremie Bellot (AV Extended - video-mapping) say: "Creating a link between earth and space, a meeting between eras ... it's fascinating! It's like a space-time journey, a visual wonderment that we want to propose. Broadcasting it on such a mythical place is thrilling"

The event, broadcast on the C8 channel and simultaneously on social networks on the occasion of the Heritage Days, offered a large audience the possibility of rediscovering the Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel in a new and spectacular way, but also of discovering emerging artistic talents. Michael received at his side, the singer Coco (interpreter of his single "Falling"), the couple of dancers with a hybrid universe Louise Hadj and Ablaye Diop, as well as the young DJ Ams, winner of a great national contest organized with RIFFX and the local artist PSCL, as first part.

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