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18 editions
and always the same ambition to highlight the treasures of history and architecture of our heritage through inspired and ambitious scenographies.
18 monuments transformed
To create a strong dialogue between heritage and contemporary creation, thus developing an unique experience to invite the youth to come and discover these exceptional places. It is also an opportunity to introduce electronic music to a wider public and contribute to its democratization.
+40,000 participants, 2 million television viewers and over 10 million social network views accumulated
A hybrid concept that reaches a wide audience through broadcasts on social networks and TV channels, but also across France and Europe with live concerts with audiences.
12 appeals for donations
More than a show, a global approach to highlight our monuments and raise public awareness of their preservation.
+40 guest artists and 15 young talents in the spotlight
Created by Michael Canitrot as a platform for artistic collaborations, the Monumental Tour is also a field of experimentation between different artistic disciplines: music, singing, dance, digital art... As well as a springboard for the new French electronic scene. At each edition, young talents are invited to perform in these exceptional places, thanks to competitions organized at the national level.

A project legitimized by the unanimous support of the most prestigious institutions

Philippe BELAVAL President of the Centre des Monuments Nationaux

"I was able to appreciate the quality of the Monumental Tour's production, respectful of the history and conservation of the site, and of the partnerships you mobilized for this proposal. I am delighted to associate the image of the Monumental Tour with the Centre des Monuments Nationaux."

Alexandre NAVARRO Secretary General of the French National Commission for UNESCO

"The Monumental Tour, which has caught our attention, intends to raise awareness among a new audience - especially young people - of the exceptional value of these sites steeped in history, their preservation and restoration... The French National Commission for UNESCO is supporting this project in its development and wishes to encourage the growth of new events."

Awarded by the Stéphane Bern Foundation at the Institut de France
The Monumental Tour received the prize COUP DE COEUR 2021 from the Stéphane Bern Foundation for History and Heritage at the Institut de France, presented by Mrs. Brigitte Macron. This prize was created especially and for the first time in order to value the initiatives of the project.
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