On the occasion of the European Heritage Days 2021, DJ/producer Michael Canitrot presented his Monumental Tour project at the top of Mont Saint-Michel.

On this occasion, an exceptional collaboration between the Monumental Tour and ESA, the European Space Agency, was presented. Photos and videos taken from space were reinterpreted and projected to enhance the thousand-year-old architecture of the Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel. The artists Michael Canitrot (music) and Jeremie Bellot (video-mapping) said: "Creating a link between earth and space, a meeting between eras ... it's fascinating! It is like a space-time journey, a visual wonder that we want to propose. To broadcast it on such a mythical place is thrilling."

Since then, this artistic collaboration has been consolidated and presented also on other exceptional monuments such as the Pierrefonds Castle or the Palais-Royal in Paris.

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